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Be an informed buyer.  When you have a contract on the home of your dreams, arrange to have your home carefully inspected by a qualified home inspector before you actually make the purchase at closing.  Usually, you order the home inspection within a few days of signing the home purchase agreement.  It is important to have both NEW CONSTRUCTION and pre-existing homes inspected.  It is also very important that your sales contract contain a clause making the sale contingent upon a satisfaction inspection.

What is a home inspection and what do they look for?  An inspection is basically an in-depth look of the current overall condition of the home and itemizes a report of things that need to be repaired or fixed.  The inspection should result in a report that details the structural components, exterior components, plumbing, roofing, insulation, heating, electrical, ventilation, air conditioner and the interior of the home you are purchasing.

Your home is probably the most biggest purchase you will ever make.  Therefore, it is strongly advised that you have an inspection to learn about any potential problems and condition of the home so you can avoid any heartaches down the line.  When you have an inspection, be sure to be present at the time of the inspection so you can be on hand to ask questions and get recommendations.  It is important to note that NO HOME IS FREE OF PROBLEMS!  However, just because the inspector finds problems doesn't mean you shouldn't buy the home.  Most problems are minor that can be remedied by the seller before you actually take possession of the home.  Likewise, if the inspector find major problems, you can walk away or change the terms of the purchase contract by offering a lower price in lieu of the repairs.  One thing to note though is that the inspection is money well spent because you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase is of good quality.

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